Friday, September 15, 2006

New blog

so I think I failed at staying a way from poems or even blogs
I the KFH king has returned on my new blog
take a look its better then this bull crap
at lest I think so
its up to you to tell me
The one and only true love of mine

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I learned my lesson

Welcome to this, the new me
for any one that knows me
can see the new me, but
for those how don't
you wont see this in me
I am here in this place no more
I have left and some one
has came in my place
a different me for all to see
I don't believe what could be
but I will try my best to
do the rest of what I am to do
all I knew is behind me
this is the new part
that makes me who I will be
good bye forever for you will
never see the old me

Friday, August 04, 2006

Death and birth in the cold fires

I can feel it to it not only me
I see it with in your eyes and in your soul
no more game, I am whole don't Denny
the fact you see it too, cry if you want
but you want see a tear from me
no matter what you do, fire with in my soul
I hope your ready for me and what I may do
for I not what you think and you wont believe
what I have become its cold, but its fire that
is what I am now for I have been here for too long
I hope you like what you see but you will not
I am here to stay please don't ask me to come
back to the past that I run from with in my self
nothing more then pain and hate for every thing
god it feels good to be this new person that I am

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Friend of time

It was a shock to me to see you
but the truth is that I was not
unhappy to see you, you are
more then a friend you are
a brother, your the best to me
even though you will leave
at lest I see you for now I will
spend time with you until you
pack your bags and leave
for dear friend I have missed you
you are the only one I feel
gets me in every way
we talked in the passed about
the way we live and every thing
we talked about girls and friends
but the truth is you are a good
friend to me and I will never for get you

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Black sky silver linings

Oh sad day that lay behind me
why did you come to me
and how did I not see
will some one answer me
well the truth is that I don't care
for what happened to me I
I know that it is all with me
and happened to me
I will not run away nor did I
I walked by like a normal day
but you my friend, one thing
that I still can get past is you
for I hope for you the best of time
and don't forget what we use to be
and all will not bring me down to my knees
I will stand tall in the eye of a fight for me
I am here, and here I plan to stay
even if it is only memories that
I have in this mind, but they will stay
happy for all what happened today
this is a part of the new me

Thursday, July 27, 2006


What is new what is old
god know I try to be me
then again what is me
confused at the the fact
I true don't know me
I see my self and will be
what ever fate whets
me to be, new or old
its just going to be me
that all I know and I
don't know much in life
I cant see any more
I am gone no more
no more play no fun
I am this new person
I only hope you can see

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Look who's here new me

I fell pain in my heart for I have been destroyed
cant you hear that I have been crying out for help
but no you can see it the world as I know it is
falling apart I can say I am lost help but now I can
say me as I was has no been lost to the point
there is no return no more trying is a new road
cant stand this but I must go with it, I know its cold
but what can I do I have not be love nor liked by
the ones that I have been close to but now
it really shows I know know how I can trust
good bye all you fakes and all you who hate
I am here in a new form and I will stay
change it does not matter now I am died to you
sorry to say I will never fade away from your mind
but I can say I will kill to be back but that will not help
never again, I shall trust no more hope no more plays
time to show off the new me I hope you like what you see

War has been called

What do you want with me
I will like to know stop pushing me
I am now here in this place where I
can say I have fire running in blood
I can see why you think this may
make things better, it will be worse
I shall never forgive you I am here
and I will know not hold back at
lashing out at you for you stabbed me
this hurts but I can stand I will stand
I will come back to you one day and
make you look like you have made a
mistake and you know that it shall kill
I am here a man of respect I am
what I feel you treat me, you did what
I am running away from so look out
here I am what you have done to me
will come back to you and hunt you

Walking in the dark

Its so dark nothing can be seen
nothing to let me know where I am
or even where to go lost in the dark
some way I must find my way but
now is the time where I get to find
what thing I can to trust and
help me on my way throw the darkness
what I find to help me is truly thing
what I can see as a stone that will
not fade, these are friends that I know
no more holding back it just seems
harsh but I can say now it a different
world to me I will find my way but
I will not forget how I got here
no more forgiving on my behalf